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Join the fight for clean water

Clean water can help farm, drink, shower, and other things that contaminated water cannot fuction with.

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What is the Omega Project about?


Undeveloped countries struggle to get clean purified water to all citizens of there nation and have to walk miles and even drink contanimated water from near by lakes that are used by animals and other habitants of miles away. Most citizens walk about 8 to 10 miles to get water that is still infected with bacteria and contaminated of other organisms that can do harm to human body. This is why this google science experiment is going live all over the globe.

How can I help?


If you are a business owner or even a high school student; you can impact this project by sharing and even funding this project.


The amount needed for this project depends on the distance the water line would travel and the country selected for the project trial phase. As a student you can share over the internet or talk with friends and neighbors to collaborate on reaching a goal of donation that can be sent to us and help purchase equipment ant pay for the labor and travel of all equipment.

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Why are you giving away this information for?


This project is being given away for personal use only or non-profitable use only..


This is a system that can save you money on water bills and also help the ecosystem by eliminating long underground tunnels that destoy forest and land for the development of underground tubing. This system takes almost no time to build, and will save you more money in two months: than a year worth of water bills.

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What country should we construct Project Omega at?
South Africa
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This poll is for all visitors that want to share their opinion on what nation should receive the contract to build a free trial of the Omega Project as a nonprofit, humanitarian act of love and compassion to develop all nations to there strong capable states.